Kampala, Uganda

The Federation of Africa University Sports is scheduled to hold 3rd FISU-FASU-NUSF Strategic Dialogue for 26-27 March 2021 in Addis Ababa – Ethiopia at Kotebe Metropolitan University under the theme “University Sports in a changing world

The year 2020 emerged as the most redefining moment for University Sports not only in Africa but across the world. The 2021 FISU-FASU-NUSF Strategic Dialogue brings discussion about the common goal of growing university sports amidst disruptions, focusing on the steps taken towards the FISU Global Strategy 2027. A major focus will be put on establishing new ways of thinking that are necessary for creating new pathways for the development of university sport.


The two-day Strategic Dialogue is open to all University sports administartors and stakeholders in Africa and is aimed at connecting, movitating and enabling stakeholders to gain valuable insights in the university sport movement.

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