FASU is arguably the oldest Continental University Sports organization with its history dating back to 1971 when 17 universities from 10 African countries met in LAGOS to form it. In honor of the 50th anniversary, a number of activities will proceed the golden jubilee celebrations which will run till December, 2021, to reflect on the past, present and future of FASU under the theme “FASU @50, history harnessing the future”.

Organizations often face barriers and difficulties especially during the baton pressing stage thus FASU saw it wise to emphasize the qualities the organization must preserve to make through another 50 years as they celebrate the golden jubilee.

“Over the last half-century, FASU has survived recessions, wars, health crises, technology and societal transformations and a whole host of other innovations and events that could have probably killed it. The next 50 will likely be even more challenging, so this milestone should be used to put a stake in the ground of how we're prepared for what comes next. This is probably the last major anniversary where some of the people who took part in the founding of FASU are still alive.”  Mr. Hannington Musoke  – FASU Administrator.

As way of visualizing the future, the 50th anniversary will capture the insights, characters and reality of FASU's early eras from the people who actually have firsthand knowledge so as to continue sustaining its growth. There's a body of research that affirms that the longer an organization sustains the founder's mentality, the longer it sustains its growth.

FASU has lined up a number of activities to commemorate this milestone including one-hour monthly online webinar and a Gala.  Join us on this celebratory journey of reviewing our past, appreciating the present and casting light in the future.


One-hour monthly online webinar Topics




11th August

Looking back to the journey and milestones, Casting a torch on our growth path.

20th September - IDUS

The role of Students in the growth of university sports

10th October

Live celebrations and Gala in Kampala

10th November

50 years ahead, the African University Sports legacy I want to see.

8th December

How national politics has affected University Sports in Africa.

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