FASU past president - Dr. Malumbete hands over one of the laptops to a NUSF representative

Napoli - Italy

On the occasion of the 30th Universiade, the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, renewed a partnership entered into in 2013 with the Federation of Africa University Sports (FASU).

Under the partnership, FASU received support to uplift the secretariat of the various National University Sports Federations (NUSFs) in Africa. The University of St Gallen offers items of value as its contribution towards the development of university sports.

"St. Gallen University is happy to lend a hand and will continue doing so where possible"the coordinator of the project stated, presenting ten laptops to FASU in Napoli during the Summer Universiade.

Receiving the laptops, FASU President, Ms.Nomsa Muhlangu, hinted that ‘it is our vision that FASU can empower all the National University Sports Federations and FASU Zones".

Following a strategic review meeting of FASU held in Johannesburg South Africa on 22 and 23 June 2019, FASU aims to strengthen the administration of NUSFs in Africa. FASU is seeking world-class administration to improve the standard of sport in Africa and to continue to provide the necessary opportunities for all students.

The laptops provided come in handy to assist the day-to-day operation of the beneficiaries. Information management is one of the most critical items in the management of NUSFs. Providing communication and data processing equipment, such as laptops, FASU envisages to help improve the functionality of the NUSFs.

FASU has secured over 50 laptops since 2013 from University of St. Gallen.

FASU Secretary General, Peninnah Kabenge Aligawesa, expressed her gratitude for the continued relations between FASU and its international friends and partners. Thanking the University of St. Gallen for supporting the NUSFs in Africa, Peninnah stated that "FASU Executive Committee envisions anAfrica where all NUSFs will achieve their full potential and shape the future with power and confidence to take University Sports to a higher level".

The partnerships, among other partnerships currently being pursued by FASU, will stimulate and support development of University Sports in Africa.

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