FASU invites interested NUSFs to present their interest to host any of the events detailed below by 30th July 2020. Universities, Cities and Regional/National governments are encouraged to play a leading role in the biding process for events scheduled for 2021 to 2026.



These are multisport events known as the All Africa University Games (FASU Games) organized once every two years as the flagship.

Nine editions have been held since inception (Ghana - 1974, Kenya - 1978, Nigeria - 2004, South Africa - 2006, Uganda - 2008, Namibia – 2012, Kenya-2014, South Africa 2016 and Ethiopia 2018). The 10th FASU Games Kenyatta 2020 were postponed due to the COVID19 World Pandemic to 2022.

Participation was previously by a combined National University teams. A new format of participation by individual universities started in South Africa 2016 and is being used for all subsequent event.

Estimated and projected participation of 2000 – 5000 participants from universities across Africa aged 17 -25 years

Games are held in even years in preferably in the July/August school break to allow access to student accommodation facilities and reduce inference with University academic programs


These are single sport championships were introduced to the program in 2012, with the 1st event being organized in December 2013. Competition in these events is by individual universities, unless under special consideration.

A bidder can choose to host one or three editions of the same championship.

Participants pay 25$ per person to FASU for Accreditation fees, while the host institution is allowed to charge up to 45$ per person per day to cover for full boarding and other organizational cost of participation. The number of days and participants depend on the individual sports program.


A general assembly, held once every two years is a statutory obligation of FASU. This is usually a time for the executive to stand and be accountable to the members of FASU for the previous two years. This meeting MUST be held in March 2019 as per constitutional provisions.

Participation at the assembly is by Member National University Sports Federations, each represented by 3 participants (one of whom must be a student leader). The 4-day program includes a Strategic Dialogue (two days) whose participation is open to all stakeholders in university sports from Africa, and a cross country championship held on the same day of the General Assembly.  Estimate of 120 – 150 participants in the meetings. FASU works with the hosts in regards to budget and concession.


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